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Produce Department at ShopRite of West Berlin, NJ

The Produce department at ShopRite of West Berlin offers an extensive selection of fresh and delicious herbs, fruits and vegetables, ready for your picking. Our options include organic and locally-grown produce, as noted by the “Jersey Fresh” labels. Buying locally grown fruit, vegetables and herbs supports the local economy and saves you money, while reducing our impact on the environment. Want to learn new ways to serve seasonal produce? Stop by and sample our Dietitian’s “produce of the week” selection and pick up your healthy produce recipes. You can also find meal ideas and produce recipes on our Zallie’s Supermarket website. Need some salsa for game night? Check out our “Zallie’s Own” versions in mild, medium, hot and mango, all made with our Zallie’s “Where Quality Comes First” commitment.

Produce Department Manager: Dennis Dopke

Produce Department Phone: (856) 768-6450, select Produce

Produce Department Hours: 

    Dennis Dopke – Produce                                  Monday – Saturday: 7:00am – 7:00pm

                                                                                     Sunday: 6:00am – 7:00pm